Cookie handling

Cookie handling

What is “cookie”?

Cookie is a file, that gets to the computer when you visit a website. Cookies possess countless function. They collect information, remember the settings of browsing visitors, they are being used i.e. when using basket while online shopping and they are to generally ease the use of the website for the users.

What kind of cookies are used and what for by HintHunt? is using cookies for the following reasons

Mandatory, session cookies

These are for when browsing on the website, using functions on, among others i.e. to be able to remember steps carried out while visiting the website. These cookies are valid only for the duration of your visit on the website, by finishing the working-session or closing the browser, this kind of cookie is automatically deleted from the computer.

Please note, without applying these cookies we are unable to guarantee the use of our website.

User-helping cookies

This kind of cookies are helping us to remember your settings that you have applied while using our website, and help us to remember if you are using the traditional version or the website for blind and partially sighted people.

Performance cookies

The “Google Analytics” cookies are used to collect information about how the visitors are using our website. These cookies are unable to identify the user personally (the actually used IP address is only recorded partially too) collecting information in regards of which sides have been visited, the user have clicked from which page to get to the other, how many pages have been seen in a visit, how long time was spent during a session, were there and if so; what error messages have surfaced - all of which is to be used for website development, and with the goal of improving customer experience while visiting our website.

How to check and how to switch of cookies?

Every modern browser is allowing to change their cookie settings. Most browsers automatically allowing cookies as a default setting, but these usually can be changed not to automatically allow websites and to ask the user each and every time whether to allow cookies or not.

Please note that we are using cookies only to make our website more user-friendly, to ease working sessions, blocking their usage may result a not fully-functional website, hence may not be working at its full potential in your browser.

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