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'You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.'


Our challenges are suitable for any occasion and the fun with your loved one is guaranteed. HintHunt games are designed to enhance social relations within a group of people, it is a fun-filled time which will give you a lot to talk about afterwards. 

Are you are looking for a unique way of celebrating a private occasion?!

HintHunt has created the ultimate occasion for a get-together with your family&friends; it is ideal when you would like to do something original or even when you are just bored of your everyday routine. Our games help people see each other in a different light and they are designed to allow them to connect in a unique settingOur challenges will give the opportunity for all group members - from children to grandparents - to participate towards the successful escape and you will not need to have any particular skill, knowledge or experience, but your out-of-box thinking.

Need a team building event which gets your people excited?! 

HintHunt provides creative time for your team members to identify ways to define success and failure and achieve goals together. During this 60-minute adventure team members have the opportunity to work together humorously. At the start of the game the players quickly assign their own responsibilities while indirectly exercise both individual and team thinkingTeams need to truly live and breathe in unison for that one hour to achieve their goal. Full focus, clear communication are both essential and guaranteed by the end of this instant activity. And all this happens without any tricky instructors present!

The best fun with friends and family

... if you want to be the coolest Mum in the school!


Many children aged 9 and up have celebrated their birthdays at HintHunt with friends and family. Our games require players to think outside the box which children have an innate ability for. Children aged 15 and below are able to participate in the experience as long as there is an adult accompanying them in the room.  

... if you want a challenging start to a Stag-night/ Hen-party!

Want to find out who buys the first round of the night? Have everyone compete against each other! There's no better way to kick off a party than with an adrenalin rush! HintHunt's clues and puzzles that players must conquer always provide laughs and stories to share. Don't fret if it's the first time some of the fellas have met, by the end of the hour they will have learnt lots about each others character and it will be the beginning of a beautiful friendship!


... if you want to do something special with your family!

private events

HintHunt will put a smile on the face of all your family members, from grandma to your kids and to yours of course! We design our challenges to make it enjoyable for a very wide age-range. Everyone can find something that they excel at and can contribute to the team, and with such a diverse team the success is almost guaranteed!

... if you want to get out of your everyday routine!

Do you want to escape the stress of mundane routines every day? The never-ending house chores? Or just simply want to try something different from restaurants and bars? Then get your friends and family together! Prove in 60 minutes that there's other ways to enjoy your time too! HintHunt is a unique way to spend an hour and to be honest it might be stressful...but it's the type of stress you'll welcome and love to experience again!


The best team-building activity

... if you want to see your boss struggling! 

Ever wanted to prove to your bosses that they may not be as smart as they like to think? Have them locked up in one of our rooms while you and your co-workers are in a completely identical one, race to the finish and earn those bragging rights of being the intellectual superiors! By being faced with the same hidden clues and challenging puzzles as the bosses, there is no excuse for them! But be warned, there's no excuse for you either - so bring your A game!


... if you need a unique ice-breaker activity! 


No one likes to lose, and in order to escape one of our rooms teamwork and communication will be required! HintHunt is not only the perfect icebreaker that opens up people to each other, but you also learn so much about someone when they're locked up in a room for one hour and the pressure starts to increase as the seconds tick down! By the end of the hour we can guarantee everyone will have some great stories to share and laugh about with each other.

... if you would like to treat your staff!

Want to reward your team for hitting those targets or just because they've been working so hard? Want to give them something different than a night out in the pub after work? Bring them to HintHunt for a experience that most will have never likely ever encountered or imagined before! Finding clues and solving puzzles may seem like work, but with everyone being locked up together and the excitement they'll experience by progressing through the game, it will be nothing but pure and rewarding fun!


... if you're planning to have a stronger team! 


Got a new team? Or want a new and creative way to enhance teamwork? HintHunt is the perfect solution. If players want to succeed, their communication skills will have to be at an all time high! Working together to solve the multiple and diverse challenging puzzles before them will do nothing but improve their teamwork and inadvertently bring out their leadership or following skills!