Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have any question about the game, please browse the topics below and let us know if you haven't found your answer!

HintHunt Rooms

Regarding the size of the rooms - we’d like to keep the mystery around it, but none of them are too tiny or too big (imagine around 10 square metres with minimal furniture). Claustrophobic people have been playing HintHunt without a problem – but certainly we can instantly help, should any kind of emergency arise.

Team sizes

Minimum 3 – maximum 5 people can play in each room. We have tested both ends of these limits – in case of duos the game might become too complicated to enjoy and above 5 the place becomes too crowded, so please stick to the advised team sizes of 3, 4 or 5.

The ideal number of players is 3-5 in a game room but this limit can vary in accordance with the game itself and local legal requirements. Please refer to the booking system for the actual numbers for players (in each HH location).

… what if it’s just the 2 of us?

We wouldn’t want to be too demanding about the team size, but it is good to know before booking that with only 2 people the game becomes a bit too difficult, which might spoil the fun part. Therefore we usually advise people to bring at least 3 members to play HintHunt. Certainly, if you decide to take this risk and willing to pay the HH Minimum fee of 3 players, we’ll do everything we can to make the most of your game experience.

Gift vouchers

If you’d like to give the game experience as a gift to your friends or relatives, HintHunt’s gift voucher is the answer. If you’d like to buy one, please get in touch with us. The gift vouchers are valid for 6 months (more precisely: vouchers must be redeemed for a HintHunt game that takes place within 180 days after purchase date).

Age limits

The minimum age of HintHunt is 9 years if coming with parents or 15 in case no adults are around. The main reason of this limit is the complexity of the game. (It’s also good to know that expecting women have enjoyed HintHunt many times before – no scary stuff or physical exercise is expected during the game.)


If you’d like to simply reserve one game, please use our booking system to find an appropriate slot. If you feel like bringing more friends and would like to book more rooms at the same time, please turn to our booking system and look for parallel availabilities in 2 or more of our rooms.

(Usually combining the same games creates the most popular experience, mainly because of its exciting competition atmosphere – but certainly you can combine different game room bookings as well, especially if the groups have several returning visitors.)


When the big day arrives and you come to HintHunt with your friends, families or colleagues – please try to arrive on time for the game. Games and instructions are rotating constantly and the reception has limited space so early birdies might need to wait outside, while late birds might cause delays for other teams. Which is not cool.

The effective game time will be 60 minutes, however we need a couple of minutes before each session to do the instructions, so please plan 1,5 hours for the whole experience.


HintHunt ticket prices vary depending on team sizes and peak times. Please have a look at our booking site to find out more.

Please also be aware that HintHunt is a live event and therefore once the booking is confirmed, refunds, cancellations or reschedules are not accepted.

What does it feel like? (HintHunt VR - In Cape Town only)

Your experience of VR will depend largely on the titles you choose. If you’re going for something active like boxing or cyber pong, you’ll probably find it to be a bit of a workout. The rollercoaster rides and shootouts will get your adrenaline flowing, while our collection of relaxing experiences, such as the underwater world of theBlu, will have you all zen in no time.

Because the simulated environments of VR are so immersive both aurally and visually, your brain will think you’re really in those situations, and your body will react accordingly. This is what makes it such a fun, engaging experience.

What happens afterwards? (HintHunt VR - In Cape Town only)

Players are always surprised at how quickly the hour goes by. When the time is up, we’ll come help you out of the gear – and help you book your next session (trust us, you’ll want one) on your way out. You may feel a tiny bit uncoordinated for a few minutes, but you’ll also be invigorated and inspired – or relaxed and mellow, depending on what you’ve played.

Anything to be aware of? (HintHunt VR - In Cape Town only)

When you first start playing, you might feel ever so slightly off balance. This is normal as your brain adjusts to the new, 360-degree sensory input. It’s not at all dangerous, and there are no lasting effects to worry about. Just take a few deep breaths, and let the game carry you into a new reality. Studies show that the more you play, the more comfortable you feel.

And remember: you can stop the game any time you like. This is about having fun – and you remain in control of that at all times.

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