HintHunt VR

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Cape Town's coolest virtual reality experience - latest games - 1-4 players per pod (2 headsets per pod)

HintHunt Virtual takes you into other worlds. HintHunt Virtual is South Africa’s premiere virtual reality hub, where you can experience cutting-edge virtual reality entertainment.

Play virtual reality games, and have virtual reality experiences by the hour. HintHunt Virtual gives everyone the chance to experience the ultimate in gaming and immersion without the large setup costs and space requirements.

Step Into Another Reality

Reality can be overrated, rising rent prices and all the day-to-day stress adds up – it’s no surprise that we want to escape sometimes. But while jetting off to a tropical island to swim with whales or strapping yourself into a rally car to unleash your tension in a crazy race might not be feasible, spending an hour or two at HintHunt Virtual is. Africa’s first social virtual reality arcade awaits.

Housed at the the HINTHUNT SUPERPARK in the Watershed at the V&A Waterfront, HintHunt Virtual has all the social atmosphere of an old-school arcade, with cutting-edge gaming technology that immerses you and your friends in another dimension. Some famous person said that another world is possible (or something like that) if you just open your eyes; here, that’s actually true.

During each experience you will get to experience a few different games or simulations. You may change your mind on the day and try a different experience.
Our VR experience host will be on hand throughout your session and can tailor your experience as you or they see fit.

What to expect

Wondering what your experience in VR is going to be like? Two words: unbelievably awesome.

The Studio

Stepping into HINTHUNT VIRTUALl, you’ll be met by one of our knowledgeable, friendly VR assistants who will guide you through the entire process. All staff members are well trained and passionate about helping people experience Virtual Reality. They’ll go through everything with you before leading you into one of the VR playrooms, where the fun begins.

The Games and Experiences

First, you’ll choose the games and experiences you’d like to play – you’re welcome to pick more than one. The VR assistant will run through the full list of titles that are on offer to help you find good matches based on your preferences and previous gaming experiences.

There’s everything from 3D painting to robotic-filled post-apocalyptic landscapes, swimming with whales and poking pink jellyfish, journeys though other galaxies, beat-blocking sound extravaganzas, quirky job simulators, sculpting, escape rooms, duelling options and much more. We’re constantly expanding our game portfolio.

If you find that you don’t like the title you’ve chosen, you can try another one.

The Gear

Next, you’ll decide on the gear you want to use. You have a choice between an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive – the two leading types of VR equipment. The Vive headset is a little bigger, but they’re both super cool and will make you feel like a character from a sci-fi film. Your VR assistant will show you how to work the controllers, and then it’s time to strap up.

The VR assistant will help you put the VR goggles on (if you wear specs, don’t stress – they fit just fine). They might feel a bit heavy at first, like you’re wearing really big swimming goggles, and your eyes will need a couple of seconds to adjust. Once we’re sure you’re comfortable, we’ll fasten the controllers on your hands.

Then we’ll walk you through the set-up of your game or experience, and talk you through the gameplay wherever you need a spot of assistance.

The Game Pods

Please note that each game pod has two stations and headsets. That means when you book an hour for 3/4 people you get to share the headsets for the hour. Whilst other team members are playing you are welcome to watch them on a screen, have a laugh at their expense and enjoy a cool beverage from our fully stocked bar.

The ideal number of players is 3-5 in a game room but this limit can vary according to local legal requirements. Please refer to the booking system for the actual numbers for players (in each HH location).

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