Zen room

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A journey to the heart of Tokyo, you and your team alongside private investigator James Murdock have been contacted by Miss Miharu about a robbery that has taken place in one of her many properties. A cruel and spiteful uncle that has torn her family apart is at the center of the mystery. Locked inside, you will have to home into all of your investigational skills to unfold the secrets, solve the crime and escape out of the locked room all in one hour!

Genuine Japanese

Zen room - Are you familiar with the asian culture?

Mission- ZenA recently orphaned Japanese girl has requested your help in retrieving her priceless family heirlooms. Latest intel suggests that the heirlooms are hidden within one of the culprit's safe houses, you don't have much time till they are sold in the black market and completely lost forever. This mission will require your teams cooperation and fine eye for detail if you intend to succeed in the recovery of the heirlooms. Act now, you don't have much time!

Zen Room

The ideal number of players is 3-5 in a game room but this limit can vary according to local legal requirements. Please refer to the booking system for the actual numbers for players (in each HH location).