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'I've been here three times already and I wish I could get amnesia just to get the feeling again.'
Pravesh V.

'An hour of focused problem solving, fueled by adrenaline, and punctuated with laughter!'

Welcome to HintHunt!

The original live escape game

Today there are two types of people on Earth: the ones who rave about mind-bending live escape games and the ones who have never heard of them. Gradually the first group is eating the second one. Alive. Literally.

Okay, stop. What’s going on?

It is very tricky to describe the concept of a Live Escape Game at first, but once you try it, the genre is obvious! HintHunt provides you with an unforgettable experience when you and your friends solve puzzles, open locks in a fast-paced hour where you will laugh a lot.

Our games are exciting yet challenging and have been perfectly designed for groups of 2-6 people regardless of knowledge or any specific skills. (The ideal number of players can vary according to the games/local legal requirements. Please, find more information on the booking page of your selected location.) Players are locked in our themed room and must put together the hidden clues they find to overcome various mental tasks they encounter in order to escape the room before the 60 minute timer hits 0!

What is HintHunt

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1st class quality escape games
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Exceptional customer service
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Over 1 000 000 players
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Enthusiastic staff members
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Breathtaking room designs
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Worldwide famous brand


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PUZZLES to escape
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Enjoy the hour of your life
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Remember the fun-filled memories

Our games

Submarine - DeepDown

Our engine has stopped and our submarine has begun to sink. Our mission is to restart the engine and get back to the surface as soon as possible. This is not for the faint-hearted, and…it is not a drill either.

The story

You should check out this game!!!

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Submarine - DeepDown


You are a team of adventurers who have boarded the lost ship of Captain Kelman. Legend has it that Captain Kelman and his crew plundered the royal vessel and stole Queen Elizabeth's most prized possession: her set of pearls which have been in the Royal family for generations. Should you recover the pearls, you and your team will be handsomely rewarded.

However, a deadly storm is on the horizon and you have just 60 minutes to escape with the pearls before the abandoned ship is hit by the storm and sunk - losing the prized pearls and treasures on board forever!

The story

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The Old Hotel

Your team is about to enter the mysterious world of Mr O.
Mr O is part of the furniture here, a permanent resident at The Old Hotel.

The Hotel a once grand old establishment, frequented by men and women of
olden day fame. Oh if only the walls could talk, perhaps then
you would find the answer to Mr O's sinister disappearance.
You have 60 minutes to track down his whereabouts.

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The old hotel b17fac64f002bc5d1d00fc23896580349282ac28213cb86b5862d5c8d045fb0d

The Old Hotel

Submarine - Torpedo

In the vastness of the ocean, you are not alone. Your fellow submarine has disappeared from the radar and you need to find out what happened and ready the torpedo for any possible threats.

The story

Another quiz set in the same location! Fabulous!

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Torpedo 04e94fbde331df65b368eb153294c3a4a2b38ac01c742cb650ef6d4adc743d30

Submarine - Torpedo

Gift Cards

Are you looking for an original gift to surprise a loved one? 

HintHunt offers gift certificates to teams of 3, 4 or 5 people.
Gift cards can be purchased by contacting the actual HintHunt Unit where you want it to be used in.
Don't hesitate! Give your friends or relatives the funnest hour of their life.

The Lucky Recipient could book any of our games at any available time within 6 month stating only the Voucher number displayed. They can even upgrade the team size by paying only the difference without the original price to be disclosed to them.

Buy a gift voucher


Short break, Fun afternoon or a Cocktail night...

The Escape Game, HintHunt very often welcomes Team building sessions for companies, friends or families.

HintHunt Cape Town has 7 rooms and can host up to 35 people at the same time. We are prepared to customise our packages according to your need, combining all sort of add-ons prior or after the game. Do not hesitate to contact us!


A perfect idea for a Team-building
Do you wish to surprise your colleagues, friends or family with an original idea? HintHunt is the perfect solution! Come and be active as part of a team of 3-5 people during an hour fun. Multiple teams can play identical games to enjoy an in-house competition. Find clues, solve puzzles to get out of the breathtakingly designed Game-room together. 
Flexible Packages
We can easily adapt to create your ideal and personalised event which will give your team-members a fun time and happy memories to talk about for a long time even after the game.

Required skills

  • Attention to details- to find all the necessary clues
  • Communication- to gather information to move forward
  • Thinking in unison- to connect the dots 
  • Stress management- to keep calm even in the last 5 minutes

Your Profit

  • Improved communication for the team members
  • Teamwork in a non-professional and fun environment
  • Perfect Ice-breaker activity to increase the strength of your team
  • Individual decision making while part of a team

HintHunt key elements

  • Flexibility 
    We will move Heaven and Earth to provide you with the most remarkable event customised according to your needs
  • VIP treatment
    We dedicate a private GameMaster to each group to fully assist in line of the superb entertainment of the actual players
  • Professionalism
    We have high level of experience in the escape game industry demonstrating quality designs and excellent customer service
Enquire about our packages



2 members

530 ZAR

incl. 15% VAT


3 members

795 ZAR

incl. 15% VAT


4 members

1060 ZAR

incl. 15% VAT


5 members

1325 ZAR

incl. 15% VAT


6 members

1590 ZAR

incl. 15% VAT

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