Privacy statement

Privacy Statement of HintHunt Unlimited Ltd.

The HintHunt Unlimited Ltd. (HH hereinafter) is committed to protect your personal rights. Please have a read through this privacy statement, so you will know how your personal details are handled when using HintHunt website, speaking to support, or if you get in touch with us in any other way.

What personal details collected by HH?

HH is collecting personal information that was given when making a reservation/booking, such as:

What are HH is using my personal data for?

The use of your details is dependant on the mutual communication and an agreement from your side, after which we may use for:

To process any personal detail HH are operating in accordance to the Privacy Act:

With whom HH is sharing my details?

HH is not giving over, not selling, not borrowing any detail given it to a 3rd party, nor publishing any personal detail collected at any point.

Where and how long for HH keep my personal details?

We hold details for as long as we need them for the above mentioned reasons, hence the timeframe is dependant on the individual situations. For example, if you have purchased an experience from us we will keep details for the length of the billing, taxing period details of the purchase. Mailing between HH and customer is kept as long as needed for any legal claim towards us. For the cookie’s expiry time please see the cookie-regulations.

How is HH using my personal details for marketing?

In case you have allowed us/agreed for marketing content to be sent to you, we may send you offers and deals if we find it teasing enough for You.

If you do not wish to get more content you may unsubscribe at any time by:

How can I reach, refresh, correct or delete my personal details?

Should you have any questions in regards of your personal details, please get in touch with us on the following e-mail address:


In regards of our cookie policy, please see the cookie-regulations.

Updating this privacy statement

This privacy statement is subject of updates from time to time in accordance with relevant law and the regulatory guidance. Should this occur, if required by law, a new, refreshed version statement is to be provided to You, in which we express the changes related to your personal details and, if needed, will require your agreement for the process.

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